Bertrand Rellier

La Métairie Basse


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Bertrand Rellier
Breeder-Producer in the Puy-de-Dôme

Farm poultry, Conserves, Rillettes, Foies gras of duck or goose

True to the old tradition

The Métairie Basse in Vinzelles, between Clermont Ferrand, Thiers and Vichy, is a large duck and goose breeding farm which respects traditional methods.

The birds arrive at the farm when they are one day old and are fed for 5 to 6 months with wheat and corn grown on the farm. They come from hatcheries specialized in the production of a particular breed suitable for Foie Gras and are raised in the open air to guarantee firm and tasty meat.

All farm produce are hand-made. Bertrand Rellier guarantees the quality thanks to his close supervision from breeding right up to processing.

Processing of the poultry

The liver is processed entirely by hand and immediately placed in glass jars, offering excellent quality assurance and transparency for the customer.

The preparation method, however, is our carefully guarded secret, which allows Métairie Basse products to stand out from the rest.